Shungite For EMF Protection

What is Shungite

Shungite is a radiant, black, no crystalline mineral that consists of more than 97% carbon. It is considered to be one of the most popular products in recent times, which helps in EMF protection as it contains a unique hollow carbon molecule called fullerenes, a potent antioxidant, which absorbs the EMF.

How does it protect from EMF

The chemical composition of shungite is such that it attenuates the harmful radiation waves emitted through electrical appliances and transforms them into human-compatible waves along with a lot of other added benefits such as calming a person and giving positive vibes!

It also has the necessary minerals that help in countering Electromagnetic waves. Though there are many options available for protection against EMF, shungite has the edge over others due to its scientific relevance. It shields you from the electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by electrical appliances and is well known for its physical healing properties, which adds to the popularity of shungite all over the world.


Shungite comes in various forms to be used for protection against EMFs, and users can choose according to their suitability and meet their purpose. This mineral is not harmful to the human body, and it also purifies water, which is safe for humans to consume.