Lead Blanket


Lead is one of the predominant materials utilized to constrict x-rays. Because of its density, high level of stability, high atomic number, the high degree of flexibility, ease of fabrication, its applications, and its availability it is an excellent shielding material against the radiations. 

Blankets made from lead are soft blankets, fabricated from a layer of leaded vinyl sheet sandwiched between two sheets of flexible plastic. Another form of a lead blanket is made from lead wool evenly distributed between two layers of material, which is then quilted. 

What is Lead Shielding?

Lead shielding is used to shield people or objects from radiation through the use of lead as a form of radiation protection to reduce adequate exposure. Lead can adequately

attenuate certain kinds of pollution.

 One of the most recognized shielding products is the lead blanket. These are ingenious and in-demand products that make a lot of sense and can work for certain people and situations. The proven durability and strength of these blankets are found within their construction and formulation. 

Why are Lead Blankets Used?

  1. Maintenance and inspection of a nuclear installation can be facilitated by providing an effective barrier that will reduce the gamma radiation to an acceptable level, and this is where these blankets play its part. Even though the reactor is not operating when a nuclear plant is shut down, a significant amount of gamma radiation remains in the components of the cooling system. 

  2. One way to allow the maintenance crew to reach the specified locations is by the use of a flexible pad or lead-made blanket that can be placed over the pipes and other sources of the gamma radiation to facilitate the working personnels. The sheets must contain enough shielding material to be an effective gamma radiation barrier, while it should not be heavy in order to be easily carried. 

Reviewing the Best

High-shielding Conductive Fabric for Blocking RF Signals

Description: Available in Royal Blue color. These are available in 18″ x 25″ measurement and are absolutely Latex Free. These contain .50Pb Lead Equivalency, which is approximately 6 pounds. They include Nylon with Microfiber NonSlip Backing. These are specially designed to protect patients or equipment. They provide complete protection from dental, medical, or clinical radiation.



  • These are easy to disinfect.
  • They can be molded into many components.
  • The blankets are layered in lead wool rope, which increases the attenuation while minimizing any gaps.
  • The appropriate shielding makes them effective at stopping gamma rays and x-rays.
  • Available at affordable prices compared to non-lead apparel.
  • These are very flexible and rugged.
  • They have to be disposed-off properly as they cannot be disposed-off in the regular waste collection as these are not ecological.


  • These are comparatively heavier in weight than non-lead products.
  • These are not environment-friendly.
  • These blankets need to be recycled once they are no longer in circulation.


Blankets made of lead are one of the popular shielding solutions around the globe. They prove to be effective in terms of protection against harmful radiation and are completely worth buying to keep you protected from the rays.

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