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Although advancements in technology have provided us with improved and lavish lifestyles, it has also contributed to the pollution of environments. The electronics that we use emit radiations that cannot be seen but can be felt and Electromagnetic Radiations are emitted in ample amounts, which affects our health adversely. 

Why do we measure EMF

Measuring EMF is essential as it helps in lowering the amount of waves and limits our use to reduce them. It is the most important and required step in protection. Through the analysis of the EMF Measuring Device, further preventive action can be taken to lessen the effects, and necessary precautions can be taken to ensure safety in the future. In the case of big industries or plants, it governs that the limit values for electromagnetic radiation are being followed as prescribed by the laws.

What are EMF Meters?

The EMF meter provides information about the flow of energy in the electromagnetic field by measuring electromagnetic radiation flux density and also notes the changes in EMF that are not uniform over a period of time. An electromagnetic field meter displays wave readings in volts (V), millivolts (mV), Watts (W), milliWatts (mW), Gauss (G), milliGauss (mG), milliTesla (mT), microTesla (┬ÁT) or nanoTesla (nT) units. 

There is no single meter that is effective for all field types. However, the two largest categories are the single axis and the tri-axis. Single-axis meters are cheaper than tri-axis meters but take longer to complete a survey and deliver less accurate results. Single-axis instruments have to be tilted and turned on all three axes to acquire a full measurement. A tri-axis meter measures all three axes together, but these models are usually more expensive. 

 Some of the top EMF Meters are :

1) TriField EMF Meter

Description: This meter detects AC magnetic and electric waves as well as microwaves. It measures AC readings as well as high frequencies. It successfully measures fast digital sounds.

2) GQ EMF380 Multi-Field Electromagnetic Radiation Meter

Description: The meter comes with a built-in RF Spectrum Power Analyzer, RF Browser, RF Power Histogram, and Digital RF utility. The Safety suggestion indicator installed in it provides a simple and easy way to understand overall radiation risk.

3) AdvancedGQ Multi-Field Electromagnetic Radiation Meter

Description: there are multiple high sensitivity sensors installed in the meter for detecting Power line, Smart meter, Cell phone, Microwave, etc. The Built-in RF Spectrum analyzer and GQ RF Browser helps in real-time RF monitoring. Also, the Safety suggestion lets you understand the current situation in one go.

Conclusion :

EMF Measuring Device is an important discovery as it helps in detecting the radiations so that proper measures can be taken to keep away from these radiations. In the case of planning high voltage power lines, these meters help in occupational safety and protection of the general public.

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