Dangers of Electromagnetic Waves


Electromagnetic waves, also known as the electromagnetic spectrum, are formed by the vibration of the electric field and magnetic field. Electromagnetic waves can be split into a range of frequencies. An electromagnetic wave can travel through the material, or a vacuum air, a solid. These waves travel very fast. Relatively low-frequency Electromagnetic waves are referred to as electromagnetic fields, for example, radio waves, and microwaves and very high-frequency EMW are called electromagnetic radiations, for example, x-rays and gamma rays and UV Radiation. These can be used appropriately and can be hazardous as well.

Sources of Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic waves are rampantly used in modern devices— microwave ovens, AM and FM radio, garage door openers, wireless networks, cordless and cellular phones, radar, etc. These and many more high tech devices use electromagnetic waves to impart signals and data. All these sources of electromagnetic waves use the simple principle of moving charge, which can be easily modeled.

Dangers associated with Electromagnetic Waves

The positive aspects of technological innovation make life more comfortable, but it may consist of components that affect the quality of life through its specific adverse effects.

  • The increasing number of mobile phones which emit radiofrequency waves raises significant concerns due to its potential damage to people.
  • Long-term exposure to this type of radiation can cause blisters on the skin.
  • CFL bulbs and tubes internally produce UV light, which is usually converted to visible light inside a vigilant coating. When the film is cracked by poor handling or faulty manufacturing, then UV may escape at levels that could cause sunburn or even skin cancer.

Other Dangers Include:

  • People who work near microwave radar equipment can be exposed to a type of RF radiation, known as pulsed microwave radiation, that they begin to hear clicking noises.
  • X-rays damage cells, causing mutations that may lead to cell death and cancer – this is the main reason why dentists and doctors stand behind protective screens when taking lots of X-rays.
  • These can also damage living tissues, and microwaves can cook them.
  • Microwaves cause internal heating of body tissues which brings serious repercussions
  • Infrared radiation causes the skin to burn.
  • Gamma rays damage cells causing cell death and cancer.
  • It can cause electric currents in conductive components that are strong enough to create electrical arcs when the voltage exceeds the breakdown voltage of the surrounding medium.
  • There have been numerous researches related to the effects of electromagnetic waves on the eyes, which proves that it can lead to Cataracts.
  • EMF of very high frequency has thermal as well as non-thermal effects on the biological systems.

How to Protect yourself from Electromagnetic Waves

Because sources of RF radiation are so prevalent in the modern environment, there is no way to avoid exposure to it altogether.

  • It may be possible to curtail your exposure to the radiation by avoiding jobs with increased EMW exposure, keeping away from appliances and equipment that use EMR.
  • The use of ear devices that can help in keeping mobile phones away from the ear can also help.
  • Protection is necessary for workers who are routinely exposed to UV radiation. Welders must use a heat shield to protect their eyes and wear thick clothing to protect their skin.
  • Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is a number used by sunscreen manufacturers to indicate how much longer you can stay out in the sun before getting burnt. Therefore, SPF based creams can be applied before going out in the sun.


As they say,
“Too much of anything is hazardous for humans.”
This statement stands true in every aspect of life, and electromagnetic waves are both good and bad for humans as well as nature. It creates an imbalance in the functioning of the environment, which brings serious repercussions.

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