Apps for EMF Detection

We are surrounded by radiation from all around and all the time. The detection of these waves and their source of emission is, therefore, an unavoidable task that will help in taking essential measures for protection. You’ll need the help of a detector app or meter to help you identify which appliances, gadgets, and stuff … Read more

Dangers of Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic waves, also known as the electromagnetic spectrum, are formed by the vibration of the electric field and magnetic field. Electromagnetic waves can be split into a range of frequencies. An electromagnetic wave can travel through the material, or a vacuum air, a solid. These waves travel very fast. Relatively low-frequency Electromagnetic waves are referred … Read more

EMF Balancing Technique

EMF Balancing technique developed by an American, Peggy Phoenix Dubro is a relative newbie to Complementary Therapy. It is a gentle, non-invasive form of energy work, given with the client sitting in a chair or lying fully-clothed on a therapy table. Mechanism of this Technique It is designed to work directly on the part of … Read more

EMF Protection Bracelet

Electromagnetic Waves have several negative impacts on human health, and therefore EMF bracelets are designed. These bracelets work on different principles, ion technology being the most famous and effective because of its relevance to science. A quality EMF protection bracelet will counter harmful and deadly waves but also has added benefits such as: • It … Read more

EMF Measuring Device

Although advancements in technology have provided us with improved and lavish lifestyles, it has also contributed to the pollution of environments. The electronics that we use emit radiations that cannot be seen but can be felt and Electromagnetic Radiations are emitted in ample amounts, which affects our health adversely. Why do we measure EMF Measuring … Read more

EMF Shielding and Blocking Fabric

What is EMF Shielding and Blocking EMF Shielding is the process of blocking electromagnetic waves in a place with the help of magnetic or conductive materials to reduce the electromagnetic field. Although shielding for EMF has existed for quite a long time now, by and large, it has only been used to protect electronics. Materials … Read more

Lead Blanket

Lead is one of the predominant materials utilized to constrict x-rays. Because of its density, high level of stability, high atomic number, the high degree of flexibility, ease of fabrication, its applications, and its availability it is an excellent shielding material against the radiations. Blankets made from lead are soft blankets, fabricated from a layer … Read more

Best Low EMF Baby Monitor

What are these? Baby monitor is a system that parents use to monitor the sounds and movements of their baby remotely. These systems can provide a live feed in addition to some other information such as your baby’s room temperature and so on. In this digital age, with the evolving technology, these typically rests in … Read more

Necklaces and Pendants for EMF Protection

Why do we need EMF Protection Technology is both “A Boon and a Curse.” With the onset of more and more technological innovations, the environment is suffering a massive loss. The increased amount of pollutants released by the electronics, which are known as Electric fields arising from electric charges and Magnetic Fields arising from the … Read more

Safe Distance for Living near Power Lines

The most energetic magnetic fields are usually emitted from high voltage transmission lines — the power lines on the big, tall metal towers. The waves from power lines have a much lower frequency than other types of EMR, such as radio waves, microwaves, or gamma rays. However, a low-frequency wave does not necessarily mean that … Read more