Apps for EMF Detection


We are surrounded by radiation from all around and all the time. The detection of these waves and their source of emission is, therefore, an unavoidable task that will help in taking essential measures for protection. You’ll need the help of a detector app or meter to help you identify which appliances, gadgets, and stuff to avoid.

How do they work?

 EMF meter apps on mobile phones are top-rated on the Play store and the App Store. The magnetic field is usually controlled by the natural earth magnetic field, or by magnets around you which is mainly recorded by these applications. It can be of some use for high power lines that might produce a significant magnetic field. However, this is entirely useless when it comes to measuring the EMF produced by communication technologies due to their incompetence in calculating electric fields because there is no technology currently in cell phones that could get the readings of the electric field.

Mobile Applications used to measure EMF are as follows:

 1) EMF Analyser 

This app itself seems to be inclined a bit more towards paranormal investigators; however, just like the other apps, it utilizes the tri-axis magnetic sensor in the phone to interpret readings, later displayed in microtesla. It has an uncomplex user interface that provides real-time EMF readings through the strength bar that fills up. It also has an audible notifier, and the calibration helps to remove background noise

 2) Ultimate EMF Detector Free

It has a great display that has both a digital as well as a numerical output needle.

It gives Magnetic field readings in microTesla, Gauss, and milliGauss Records the data and transfers it for use in whatever way you like. It has a button that keeps the screen on while using the app.

3) EMF Radiation Detector – Magnetic Field Detector

This is one of the best apps if you want to detect Electromagnetic fields in your surroundings. It is quite handy to use  and it uses a sensor called magnetometer in your android phones to detect Electromagnetic waves that surround you.


  • Mobile applications cannot give exact readings because mobile phones are not well configured to provide an accurate reading that is provided by stand-alone devices. 
  • Mobile apps cannot indicate electric charges in the wave.
  • Phone apps do this only as an extended feature and therefore, cannot provide accurate field measurements, and as a result, readings may vary due to sensor quality of the phone being used. 


 Since we have reviewed EMF detector Apps, we can see that the apps are almost of no use when it comes to measuring electric fields, and you might declare yourself safe from the radiation under the influence of the apps. Meters are, however, more reliable as they discover both electric and magnetic fields, which is clearly what Electro-Magnetic Fields consists of.

Though there are various apps available the best ones are mentioned above!

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